Bibliographic Database of Japanese Language Research

The “Bibliographic Database of Japanese Language Research” is a library database of books and articles related to Japanese language research. The data is added to about 4 times per year, and it is possible to search for texts from among approximately 227,000 items. About 21,000 of these are articles with links to pdf files.

The following things are included in the database.

  1. Article database
    • Journal database (articles published in academic journals and university bulletins and serials: As of December 2017, about 188,000 items)
    • Collection of papers database (individual articles from collection of papers and proceedings: As of December 2017, about 15,000 items)
  2. Book database (Books: As of December 2017, about 24,000 items)

With regard to 2 above, in May 2016 we made available the data catalogued in the “Japanese Language Studies Annual Survey and Bibliography” 『国語年鑑』 in issues from 1994 to 2009, then added subsequent data.

For details about the use of this database, please refer to the “User′s Manual” [ PDF | 604KB ] . For information about the entries in each bibliographic record, refer to the explanation in the upper right-hand corner of the search screen.

For the purposes of improving the usefulness of our service, the Research Library records search terms.


Update History

Data (1,150 items) added.
Data (1,031 items) added.
Data (1,125 items) added.
Data (1,376 items) added.
English page is now available.

Past Update History