Featured Publications

The following publications were written and/or edited by staff members of the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics.

Bold: Enrolled person at the time of the publication.

オノマトペの謎 ―ピカチュウからモフモフまで―

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KUBOZONO Haruo (Ed.)

Iwanami Shoten (details), May 2017,
ISBN: 9784000296618

空間と時間の中の方言 ―ことばの変化は方言地図にどう現れるか―

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ONISHI Takuichiro (Ed.)

Asakura Publishing (details), May 2017,
ISBN: 9784254510522


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NODA Hisashi,NODA Harumi

TAISHUKAN Publishing (details), April 2017,
ISBN: 9784469213621