Other Research Materials

Other research material and research information

  • Headline Database of Language-Related Newspaper Articles

    The National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics collected newspapers articles on language from 1949 to September 2009 to create a ‘newspaper clip collection’. The database contains information on the publication data, the newspaper title, and the headlines of the newspaper articles collected in the ‘newspaper clip collection’.

  • NINJAL Research Library OPAC

    This database allows the user to search the catalogue and location information of about 150,000 books and about 5,800 journals that the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics’ research library has. It contains catalogues and location information of rare books, audio-visual materials, and specialist collections.

  • Full Text Database of Kokugogaku

    The full text of Kokugogaku (the former journal of the Society for Japanese Linguistics) can be searched for online.

  • Academic Repository of the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics

    “Academic Repository of the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics (NINJAL)” collects and stores outcomes of academic and educational activities at NINJAL, as well as academic materials held by NINJAL in an electronic format, which is accessible on the Internet.

  • Himawari: Full-Text Search System for Linguistic Resources

    “Himawari” is a full-text search system for linguistic resources such as corpora, databases of examples and lexicons. This system can search linguistic resources described in XML, and show the context of a search key and annotated information in the linguistic resources (e.g. bibliographic information).

  • Research Materials on NINJAL

    This is a database of research materials (e.g., index cards, audio recordings, etc.) collected or created by NINJAL research projects in the past 70 years.

  • Catalogue of Nikkei Materials in North America

    This catalogue includes Nikkei or Japanese American materials (audio/audiovisual, photos, etc.) stored at institutions in Japan, Hawaii, and North America.