Linguistic Maps

Linguistic maps showing the diversity of languages and dialects

  • The World Atlas of Transitivity Pairs (WATP)

    This web application provides typological information on the formal relationship between lexical pairs of transitive and intransitive verbs in selected world languages including Japanese in the form of a map and charts.

  • Linguistic Atlas of Japan (PDF)

    The ‘Linguistic Atlas of Japan’ (dialect atlas) is one of the basic research materials of dialectology, which shows geographical distributions of words and pronunciations of Japanese dialects. Digital images of maps contained in the ‘Linguistic Atlas of Japan’ (a total of 300 images) are available in PDF format.

  • Grammar Atlas of Japanese Dialects (PDF)

    The ‘Grammar Atlas of Japanese Dialects’ is a linguistic map (dialect map) which shows an overview of geographical distribution of grammatical phenomena across Japan. Images of maps contained in the ‘Grammar Atlas of Japanese Dialects’ (a total of 350) are available.

  • Database of Linguistic Atlases and Maps of Japan

    A database of linguistic and dialectological atlases for Japanese published in Japan. It includes a bibliography of atlases (for each map, entries for author, title, year of publication, period and area of survey), the contents of maps included in the atlases (including titles and keywords for searching) and image files of maps (geotagged to the extent possible).

  • Field Research Project to Analyze the Formation Process of Japanese Dialects (FPJD) and New Linguistic Atlas of Japan (NLJ)

    This database release the dialectological distribution data of 554 places researched by Field Research Project to Analyze the Formation Process of Japanese Dialects between 2010 and 2015.

  • Japanese Word History and Frequency

    This tool allows users to search for statistical information from the corpus, old dictionaries, language maps, language articles, and other materials related to the history of the Japanese language at one time.