International Symposia

The Institute holds international symposia dealing with topics of current interest on which cutting-edge research is being carried out within the Institute and in collaboration with other institutions. By involving researchers from abroad, the symposia serve to deepen understanding of the issues and to communicate recent advances to the international scholarly community.

The International Symposium"International Symposium on Diachronic Speech Corpora"

DateSeptember 4, 2017
Project Title A Multifaceted Study of Spoken Language Using a Large-scale Corpus of Everyday Japanese Conversation

The NINJAL International Symposium"Methods in Dialectology XVI"

DateAugust 7-11, 2017

The NINJAL International Symposium"The 10th International Conference on Practical Linguistics of Japanese [ICPLJ10]"

DateJuly 8-9, 2017

The International Symposium"NINJAL-NMJH-UHM Workshop"

DateMay 16-18, 2017
VenueUniversity of Hawaii at Manoa
OutlineReport [ PDF | 1,250KB ]
Project Title Endangered Languages and Dialects in Japan
A Survey, Study, and Use of the Japan-related Documents and Artifacts in North America: Socio-historical Approaches to ‘Modern Overseas Material Informatics’