Program Details


Day 1: Saturday, July 8, 2017


13:00-13:10Opening Remarks (Auditorium, 2nd Floor)

13:10-14:10Invited Talk [In Japanese] (Auditorium, 2nd Floor)

  • "Connecting L1 and L2 Acquisition: From the Perspective of Macro and Micro Narrative Structure"
    MINAMI Masahiko (San Francisco State University)

14:30-15:50Poster Session [In Japanese] (Panel Floor, 2nd Floor)

  • "The Usage of '(Sa) Se-Te Itadaku' in Some Modern Japanese Corpora"
    TAKAHASHI Keiko (Freelancer), HIGASHIIZUMI Yuko (Tokyo Gakugei University)
  • "Corpus-Based Study on the Suru-Type Onomatopoeic Words in Modern Japanese"
    ZHANG Jingxin (Kobe University, grad student)
  • "Differences between the Two Types of ‘Kedo’ in Monolog and Dialog: Based on an Analysis of the CSJ Data"
    TIAN Hao (Hitotsubashi University)
  • "Difference between Kara and Node Based on Stylistic and Genre Features"
  • "An Analysis of JFL Learners’ Writing and Revising Process in Japanese"
    TANAKA Hiroyuki (NINJAL)
  • "An Analysis on the Intention of Self-Correction in JFL Learners’ Writing Process"
    FUSE Yuko (NINJAL)
  • "Aspects of Discourse Structures on JSL Learners’ Comprehension of Lectures"
  • "Analyses of Number of Utterances, Words and Morphemes in First-Language Narratives"
    INABA Midori (Aichi University of Education)
  • "Family as a Japanese Language Learning Resource: Case Study on Pakistanis in Japan"
  • "Case Studies of Japanese Mothers Trying to Raise Their Children Bilingually: An Examination of Anglo-Japanese Children in the UK."
    Barry KAVANAGH (Tohoku University)
  • "Meaning and Semantic Structure of Adjectives in Old Readings of Nihonshoki"
    LIU Lin (Jiangsu University)

16:00-17:40Oral Session 1 [In Japanese] (Auditorium, 2nd Floor)

  • 16:00-16:30 "Languaging in Pair-Work for Learning Polysemous Japanese Particles Ni and De: The Quality of Languaging and Learning Outcome"
    MASUDA Kyoko (Georgia Institute of Technology), IWASAKI Noriko (University of London SOAS)
  • 16:35-17:05 "Interaction and Communication Strategy in Relay Story Writing"
    TANABE Kazuko (Japan Women’s University), NOGUCHI Kiyoshi (Sophia University), OSUKA Shigeru (Seton Hall University), OKADA Aya (University of Oklahoma)
  • 17:10-17:40 "Fusing Research and Education: A Report on a Class Project with an Analysis of Its Effectiveness"
    Daniel LONG (Tokyo Metropolitan University), ASAHI Yoshiyuki (NINJAL), TAKANO Shun (Tokyo Metropolitan University, undergraduate student)

16:00-17:40Oral Session 1 [In Japanese] (Multipurpose Room, 2nd Floor)

  • 16:00-16:30 "Speech Level Shift in Japanese Debate “Constructive Speech” and “Rebuttal Speech”: Used by Native Speakers of Japanese"
    FENG Hejing (Kyushu University, grad student)
  • 16:35-17:05 "Functions of Quotative Particles Tte, To and Null in Oral Experiential Narratives"
    KODAMA Yasue (San Jose State University)
  • 17:10-17:40 "Language Policy between Japan and Russia: About Common and Different Points"
    Liudmila VASILEVA (Moscow State University, Institute of Asian and African Studies)

16:00-17:40Oral Session 1 [In English] (Seminar Room, 3rd Floor)

  • 16:00-16:30 "The Cues Japanese Children Use When Learning Novel Verb Meanings"
    MATSUO Ayumi (Kobe College), Letitia NAIGLES (University of Connecticut)
  • 16:35-17:05 "Influence of L1 Semantic Knowledge on Japanese Kana Recognition by Chinese Learners of Japanese"
    Seth J. GOSS (Emory University)
  • 17:10-17:40 "The Constructionalization of Japanese Double Negatives"
    CHEN Yiting (Mie University)


Registration required, first 80 arrivals

Day 2: Sunday, July 9, 2017


10:00-12:00Invited Panel [In Japanese] (Auditorium, 2nd Floor)

  • "Interaction Analysis and Its Impact on Language Teaching"
    • Introduction: YANAGIMACHI Tomoharu (Hokusei Gakuen University)
    • Presentation 1 "Utterance Construction in Interaction"
      NISHIZAKA Aug (Chiba University)
    • Presentation 2 "A Contemporary Overview of the Studies on L2 Users' Social Interactions and Some Specific Illustrations"
      IKEDA Keiko (Kansai University)
    • Presentation 3 "The Application of the Insight of Conversation Analysis? to Japanese Language Education"
      IWATA Natsuho (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies), HAJIKANO Are (Nagoya University)
    • Discussant: KOBAYASHI Mina (Waseda University)


There are not so many restaurants and convenience stores around NINJAL, so we recommend you bring your own lunch.
In addition, 50 Chinese box lunches will also be provided.

13:00-14:40Oral Session 2 [In Japanese] (Auditorium, 2nd Floor)

  • 13:00-13:30 "Vocabulary Depends on Topic, and So Does Grammar"
    NAKAMATA Naoki (Kyoto University of Education)
  • 13:35-14:05 "On the “Fashion of Speaking” of the Resultative State Caused by Intentional Event: A Contrastive Study of Passive and Aspect in Japanese and Korean Language"
    SOEJIMA Kensaku (Tohoku University)
  • 14:10-14:40 "What Shows Frustration?: Introductory Investigation for Complaining Strategy"
    KUBO Kay (Osaka University), LEE Jae-ho (Waseda University), KONISHI Madoka (NINJAL), ITO Natsumi (Waseda University), IWASHITA Tomohiko (Waseda University), YOON Jihyun (Waseda University)

13:00-14:40Oral Session 2 [In Japanese] (Multipurpose Room, 2nd Floor)

  • 13:00-13:30 "A Study of the Problems of Chinese Translation in Japanese-Chinese Dictionaries: Focusing on the Paired Intransitive Verbs Which Can Be Used as “Unmarked” Potential Expressions in Japanese"
    SHI Yihan (Kyushu University, grad student)
  • 13:35-14:05 "A Comparison between L1 and L2 Referential Expressions by Chinese JSL Learners"
    TOHYAMA Chika (Ritsumeikan University)
  • 14:10-14:40 "How Facial Cues Impact Listening Comprehension in Face-to-Face Communication - The Effect of Task Difficulty-"
    WU Chiaying (Tokyo Metropolitan University, grad student)

13:00-14:40Oral Session 2 [In English & Japanese] (Seminar Room, 3rd Floor)

  • 13:00-13:30 "Letting It Pass with a Smile: A Conversation Analytic Examination of Recipient Smiles and Laughter in Multiparty L2 Interaction"
    Cade BUSHNELL (University of Tsukuba)
  • 13:35-14:05 "Reflecting the Fluidity of Relationships: A Study of Address Terms in Japanese - Drama Analysis and Its Pedagogical Implications -"
    YONEZAWA Yoko (The Australian National University, grad student)
  • 14:10-14:40 "Understanding of Meaning of Proper Nouns by JSL and JFL Learners during Reading Comprehension Process: Using Contextual Clues"

14:50-16:30Oral Session 3 [In Japanese] (Auditorium, 2nd Floor)

  • 14:50-15:20 "How Do Japanese Native and Non-Native Speakers Respond to “Today It's Very Hot Ne?”: Considering "Ne" from a Sequential Perspective"
    SAIGO Hideki (Kansai Gaidai University)
  • 15:25-15:55 "Repetitive Constructions in Modern Japanese: From the Viewpoint of Expressions and Communication Function"
    ONO Masaki (University of Tsukuba), MAKIHARA Tsutomu (Gunma University), LI Qinan (Peking University), YAMAOKA Masaki (Soka University)
  • 16:00-16:30 "Overlaps in First-Encounter Interactions between Japanese Lecturers and Students: Considering the Influence of Genres on "Resolving Imbalance" "
    TAKEDA Lala (Tokyo Denki University)

14:50-16:30Oral Session 3 [In Japanese] (Multipurpose Room, 2nd Floor)

  • 14:50-15:20 "A Study of Particles in the Translation of Classical Japanese into Modern Japanese: To Support Non-Native Learners Working with Classical Japanese Documents"
    YAMAGUCHI Maki (Tokyo Institute of Technology, grad student), NOHARA Kayoko (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • 15:25-15:55 "A Proposal for Developing a Beginning Japanese Textbook Based on Conversation Analytic Research"
    Cade BUSHNELL (University of Tsukuba), SEKIZAKI Hironori (University of Tsukuba), NAGAI Ayako (University of Tsukuba), ITO Hideaki (University of Tsukuba), Ruth VANBAELEN (University of Tsukuba), HEO Myonja (University of Tsukuba), ONO Masaki (University of Tsukuba), IMAI Shingo (University of Tsukuba), KIDO Mitsuko (University of Tsukuba), SAKAI Takako (University of Tsukuba), KANO Chieko (University of Tsukuba)
  • 16:00-16:30 "Analysis of Participation Process of International Students in Graduate School in Academic Activities: Based on Learning Experience of Graduates of Japanese Major in China"
    HU Yiqun (Hitotsubashi University, grad student), TIAN Jiayue (Hitotsubashi University, grad student), HUO Qinyu (Hitotsubashi University, grad student), HUANG Junjun (Huazhong University of Science and Technology)

14:50-16:30Oral Session 3 [In Japanese] (Seminar Room, 3rd Floor)

  • 14:50-15:20 "A Study of the Relation between Orthographic and Phonological Acquisition of L2 Japanese"
    MOTOHASHI Miki (Kansai Gaidai University), ISHIZAWA Toru (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
  • 15:25-15:55 "Classification of Motivation Theories in Native Japanese Words and Its Application in Education"
    ZHANG Ming (Beijing Foreign Studies University, grad student)
  • 16:00-16:30 "Towards Grammar Explanation Adjusted to Language Classification: Agglutinative Japanese and Fusional Language Speakers"
    Arkadiusz JABŁOŃSKI (Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu)