NINJAL-Oxford International Symposium on the Japanese Diachronic Corpora
"Corpus-Based Studies on Japanese Historical Grammar"

Corpus-Based Studies on Japanese Historical Grammar
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September 8 (Saturday) -9 (Sunday), 2018
National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics (NINJAL)
10-2 Midori-cho, Tachikawa City, Tokyo
Project Title
The Construction of Diachronic Corpora and New Developments in Research on the History of Japanese
OGISO Toshinobu (Professor, Language Change Division, NINJAL)


September 8th (SAT)



14:10-15:10Keynote speech 1

  • "The Oxford-NINJAL Corpus of Old Japanese"
    Bjarke FRELLESVIG (University of Oxford / NINJAL)

15:30~17:30Session 1

  • "On Adnominal Clauses and the so-type Kakarimusubi Construction in Old Japanese"
    KATSUMATA Takashi (University of Teacher Education Fukuoka)
  • "On the Position of ka and zo in Wh-questions"
    KONO Tomoaki (University of Tokyo)
  • "The Syntactic Distribution of Sentence-final Particle zo in Old Japanese"
    TSUTA Kiyoyuki (Osaka University)

September 9th (SUN)


10:00~11:00Keynote speech 2

  • "Functional Change of Adnominal Form in Heian-Kamakura Japanese"
    KINSUI Satoshi (Osaka University / NINJAL)

11:20~12:40Session 2

  • "Argument Marking in Passive Constructions in Old Japanese"
    HUANG Shanshan (Graduate student at University of Pavia & University of Bergamo, Italy)
  • "Alignment Change and the Psych Causative Alternation"
    YANAGIDA Yuko (University of Tsukuba)

12:40~13:40Lunch Break

13:40~15:00Session 3

  • "Rethinking the ‘Breakdown of Limitations of Nouns Preceding Particles -Ga and -No’ in Middle Japanese"
    GOTO Mutsumi (Graduate Student at Osaka University / JSPS Research Fellow)
  • "A History of the Study of the Zero Kakarimusubi Particle: A comparison of Motoori Norinaga’s 'tada' and Tsurumine Shigenobu’s 'syōkaku' Analyses"

15:10~17:10Session 4

  • "On Wh-questions in the Form of no da Constructions: Using Examples from the Corpus of Historical Japanese"
    TAKEMURA Asuka (Ochanomizu University)
  • "Wh-words and Quantification in Old Japanese"
    Stephen Wright HORN (NINJAL)
  • "From Imperative to Conditional: The ‘Two Sentences in Succession Construction’ in the History of the Japanese Language"
    KITAZAKI Yuho (Graduate Student at University of Tokyo / JSPS Research Fellow)