JSL Research Division


The JSL (Japanese as a Second Language) Research Division focuses on the acquisition of Japanese by non-native speakers, i.e. learners of Japanese as a second/foreign language. In addition to producing purely linguistic descriptions and analyses, it also seeks to clarify the nature of social and cultural problems that non-native learners are likely to face in the process of adjusting themselves to Japanese society.

Research Topics

Communication in Japanese by non-native learners

Collaborative Research Projects

Title Type Leader Period
Multiple Approaches to Analyzing the Communication of Japanese Language Learners Institute-based Projects ISHIGURO Kei April 2016 -

Researchers List

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Research and Education Staff

Invited Scholars

  • IMAI Shingo
  • MOMIYAMA Yosuke
  • SAKODA Kumiko
  • SHIRAI Yasuhiro
  • SUNAKAWA Yuriko
  • TANAKA Mari

Temporary Researcher

  • AOKI Yuko
    Adjunct Researcher
  • FUJIWARA Miyuki
    Adjunct Researcher
  • FUSE Yuko
    Adjunct Researcher
  • HOSOI Yoko
    Adjunct Researcher
  • HU Fang Fang
    Adjunct Researcher
  • IMAMURA Yasunari
    Postdoctoral Research Fellow
  • MENG Yun
    Postdoctoral Research Fellow
  • NGUYEN Thi Thanh Thuy
    Adjunct Researcher
  • SASAKI Aiko
    Adjunct Researcher
  • SUGA Wakako
    Adjunct Researcher
  • TANAKA Hiroyuki
    Adjunct Researcher
  • WU Rizhe
    Adjunct Researcher
  • YIM Jae Hee
    Adjunct Researcher