Language Change Division


The Language Change Division aims to elucidate the historical development of Japanese from a comprehensive perspective including dialectal variation of Present-day Japanese. For this purpose, a project for building a historical corpus of Japanese is underway that is intended to cover all the stages of earlier Japanese from the Nara era to the Meiji and Taisho eras. It is expected that the historical corpus, together with a variety of related databases published by NINJAL, will open a new horizon on diachronic studies of Japanese in the future.

Research Topics

Historical development of Japanese

Collaborative Research Projects

Title Type Leader Period
The Construction of Diachronic Corpora and New Developments in Research on the History of Japanese Institute-based Projects OGISO Toshinobu April 2016 -
Refining the Corpus of Historical Japanese with Information on Notation and Bibliographical Form Multidisciplinary Collaborative Projects [NIHU] TAKADA Tomokazu April 2016 -

Researchers List

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Research and Education Staff

  • OGISO Toshinobu
    Director of Research Department
    Division Head / Professor

Invited Scholars

  • HASHIMOTO Yukihiro

Temporary Researcher

  • KATAYAMA Kurumi
    Adjunct Researcher
  • MATSUZAKI Yasuko
    Adjunct Researcher
    Adjunct Researcher
    Adjunct Researcher
  • TAKEUCHI Ayano
    Adjunct Researcher
    Adjunct Researcher