Spoken Language Division


The Spoken Language Division is devoted to building a large-scale corpus of spoken Japanese based on data recorded or videotaped in a variety of natural conversational contexts, while at the same time analyzing the corpus data to illuminate distinctive characteristics of spoken Japanese as well as features of social interactions between conversational participants.

Research Topics

Characteristic features of spoken Japanese in daily conversation

Collaborative Research Projects

Title Type Leader Period
A Multifaceted Study of Spoken Language Using a Large-scale Corpus of Everyday Japanese Conversation Institute-based Projects KOISO Hanae April 2016 -

Researchers List

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Research and Education Staff

  • KOISO Hanae
    Deputy Director-General
    Division Head / Professor

Invited Scholars

Temporary Researcher

  • AMATANI Haruka
    Adjunct Researcher
  • ISEKI Yuriko
    Adjunct Researcher
  • KAWABATA Yoshiko
    Adjunct Researcher
    Adjunct Researcher
  • TANAKA Yayoi
    Adjunct Researcher
  • TENG Yue
    Adjunct Researcher
  • USUDA Yasuyuki
    Adjunct Researcher
    Adjunct Researcher
  • YAMADA Takaaki
    Adjunct Researcher