Theory & Typology Division


The Theory & Typology Division explores the phonological, semantic, and syntactic characteristics of Japanese as viewed from contrastive and typological perspectives and aims to contribute to the world-wide promotion of Japanese linguistics by publishing major findings in English. A project is also in progress for developing a parsed text corpus of Japanese annotated with detailed syntactic and semantic information that will be useful for cross-linguistic comparison.

Research Topics

Universal and language-particular properties of Japanese in cross-linguistic perspectives

Collaborative Research Projects

Title Type Leader Period
Cross-linguistic Studies of Japanese Prosody and Grammar Institute-based Projects KUBOZONO Haruo April 2016 -
Development of and Linguistic Research with a Parsed Corpus of Japanese Institute-based Projects Prashant PARDESHI April 2016 -

Researchers List

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Research and Education Staff

Invited Scholars

  • AKITA Kimi
  • HORIE Kaoru
  • ITO Junko
  • Wesley M. JACOBSEN
  • KISHIMOTO Hideki
  • KOIZUMI Masatoshi
  • MIYATA Susanne
  • SAITO Mamoru
  • SHIBATANI Masayoshi
  • John WHITMAN

Temporary Researcher

  • Alastair James BUTLER
    Adjunct Researcher
  • Stephen Wright HORN
    Adjunct Researcher
  • KINJO Yumiko
    Adjunct Researcher
    Adjunct Researcher
    Adjunct Researcher
  • YOSHIDA Natsuya
    Adjunct Researcher