Nihongo Booklet (Annual Report of Japanese Language Trend)

NOTICE: There are no plans for future publication.

Nihongo Booklet 2007 is intended to report trends and materials on Japanese language widely to the public in a comprehensive manner. This booklet has been in development since 2003 through several drafting and reviewing and it is available annually in digital form since 2005.

The Nihongo Booklet 2007 is a compilation of the trends in books, magazine article and newspaper articles on Japanese language in 2007.The Chapter 1 provides trends on Japanese language in 2007 judged from the literatures.The Chapter 2 is a list of the recorded information.

The National Institute for Japanese Language has published Kokugo Nenkan (Japanese language studies: Annual survey and bibliography) annually since 1954. Kokugo Nenkan is a collection of a wide range of literatures that covers studies in Japanese language. In addition, we have been collecting and archiving newspaper articles related to the Japanese language. The basic information of each article (the date of issue, the name of newspaper, headlines, etc.) is input to “Headline Database of Newspaper Articles relating to the Japanese language” and searchable database is available online since 2002.

Although these materials represent a good collection of articles on Japanese language, this is by no means an exclusive source of information. Other sources include article of general magazines, literary magazines, PR magazines, general books relating Japanese language and how-to books about languages. The Nihongo Booklet archives some of these information sources and endeavors to make contribution to the study of latest trends in Japanese language.

We continuously endeavor to refine the information gathering methodologies within the National Institute for Japanese Language and continue to improve the quality of the Nihongo Booklets.