Regarding submissions for publication in Issue 15 and Issue 16 in 2018

For those contemplating making submissions for Issue 16, we regret to say that the window for 2018 has been closed. The reasons for this are as follows.

We received many submissions for “NINJAL Research Papers” Issue 15. While we are very grateful for the interest shown, for Issue 15, we received over twice as many submissions as in recent years. Considering the processes involved in publication, the editorial board decided to allocate these submissions across two Issues: 15 and 16. Issue 15 will be published in July 2018 and Issue 16 will be published in October 2018.

By making this decision, the content for the issues to be published in 2018 has been accounted for. Accordingly, we will not be accepting submissions during the next planned window of March through April 2018.

When we determine the schedule for research paper submissions for Issue 17, we will announce the submission window.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

February 15th, 2018
NINJAL Research Papers Editorial Board