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A Frequency Dictionary of Japanese: Core Vocabulary for Learners
(Routledge Frequency Dictionaries)

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Routledge (details), January 2013, ISBN: 9780415610131

A Frequency Dictionary of Japanese is an invaluable tool for all learners of Japanese, providing a list of the 5,000 most commonly used words in the language.
Based on a100 million word corpus, composed of spoken, fiction, non-fiction and news texts in current use, the dictionary provides the user with a detailed frequency-based list, as well as alphabetical and part-of-speech indices.
All entries in the frequency list feature the English equivalent and a sample sentence with English translation. The dictionary also contains 25 thematically organised lists of frequently used words on a variety of topics such as food, weather, occupations and leisure. Numerous bar charts are also included to highlight the phonetic and spelling variants across register.
A Frequency Dictionary of Japanese enables students of all levels to maximise their study of Japanese vocabulary in an efficient and engaging way. It is also an excellent resource for teachers of the language. (By permission of Routledge)

Parameter Theory and Linguistic Change

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Charlotte GALVES, Sonia CYRINO, Ruth LOPES, Filomena SANDALO, and Juanito AVELAR (Eds.)
John B. WHITMAN, et al.

Oxford University Press (details), November 2012, ISBN: 9780199659203

Parameter Theory and Linguistic Change (Oxford University Press, 2012) focuses on some of the most important issues in historical syntax. In a series of close examinations of languages from old Egyptian to modern Afrikaans, leading scholars present new work on Afro-Asiatic, Latin and Romance, Germanic, Albanian, Celtic, Indo-Iranian, and Japanese. The book revolves around the linked themes of parametric theory and the dynamics of language change.(By permission of Oxford University Press)
The contribution by John Whitman (NINJAL) and Yuko Yanagida, “The formal syntax of alignment change” focuses on the longstanding problem of how languages change their basic alignment type, from accusative to active/ergative (accusative= 対格類型、active= 活格類型、ergative=能格類型) or vice versa. It focuses on examples from Indo-Iranian and Japanese. The article argues against the common view that accusative alignment undergoes a change to ergative through a reanalysis of passives. It argues instead that the source for such changes is a reanalysis of impersonal constructions, following a proposal originally due to Benveniste (1952). The paper also proposes a scenario for the development of earlier Japanese from split active alignment, as argued by Yanagida (2005), to the accusative alignment pattern found in Middle and later Japanese.

Lingua Vol. 122, Issue 13, Special Issue on Varieties of Pitch Accent Systems

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KUBOZONO Haruo (Ed.)
KUBOZONO Haruo, UWANO Zendo, IGARASHI Yosuke, et al.

Elsevier (details), October 2014

What is a pitch accent system? Does ‘pitch accent’ constitute an independent prosodic category? If so, how can we characterize pitch accent systems as opposed to other types of prosodic systems such as stress accent systems and tone systems? Moreover, how and to what extent do pitch accent systems differ from each other? Based on the papers selected from more than thirty papers presented at the International Symposium on Accent and Tone (ISAT 2010) held at NINJAL on December 19-20, 2010, the eight papers included in this special issue attempt to tackle these questions by looking at pitch accent systems from cross-linguistic and/or typological viewpoints. The special issue as a whole aims to clarify the extent to which pitch accent systems are similar to and different from stress systems and tone systems, on the one hand, and the extent to which they can differ from each other, on the other hand.
(This article was published in Lingua Vol. 122, Issue 13 “Introduction”, page 1325, Copyright Elsevier 2012)

シリーズ社会言語科学 1 「配慮」はどのように示されるか

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MIYAKE Kazuko, NODA Hisashi, OGOSHI Naoki (Eds.)
INOUE Fumio, NODA Hisashi, et al.

Hituzi Syobo (details), October 2014, ISBN: 9784894766037


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JINNOUCHI Masataka, TANAKA Makiro, AIZAWA Masao (Eds.)

Ohfu (details), October 2014, ISBN: 9784273036980


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SANADA Shinji (Ed.)
ASAHI Yoshiyuki

Meijishoin (details), October 2014, ISBN: 9784625434501


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MATSUMORI Akiko, NITTA Tetsuo, KIBE Nobuko, NAKAI Yukihiko (Eds.)

Sanseido (details), September 2012, ISBN: 9784385365312

日中理論言語学の新展望3 語彙と品詞

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Kurosio Publishers (details), June 2012, ISBN: 9784874245538


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NODA Hisashi (Ed.)
SAKODA Kumiko, et al.

Kurosio Publishers (details) , May 2012, ISBN: 9784874245552

日中理論言語学の新展望2 意味と構文

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KAGEYAMA Taro MASUOKA Takashi, et al.

Kurosio Publishers (details), April 2012, ISBN: 9784874245491