Collaborative Research Projects


As one of the National Institutes for the Humanities (NIHU), NINJAL promotes collaborative research in line with NIHU goals.

“Diverse Language Resources and the Consolidation of Japanese Language Studies” is the core collaborative research project based in NINJAL, and it includes six sub-projects.

NINJAL is also involved in multidisciplinary collaborative and network-based projects sponsored by NIHU.

Institute-based Projects

Diverse Language Resources and the Consolidation of Japanese Language Studies

The project “Diverse Language Resources and the Consolidation of Japanese Language Studies” includes the collaborative research projects hosted by NINJAL. NINJAL is conducting this project to consolidate Japanese language studies beyond the barrier between ramified research areas and to increase the presence of the Japanese language and its studies in the world.

Project Title Project Leader Project Period
Cross-linguistic Studies of Japanese Prosody and Grammar KUBOZONO Haruo April 2016 -
Development of and Linguistic Research with a Parsed Corpus of Japanese Prashant PARDESHI April 2016 -
Endangered Languages and Dialects in Japan KIBE Nobuko April 2016 -
The Construction of Diachronic Corpora and New Developments in Research on the History of Japanese OGISO Toshinobu April 2016 -
A Multifaceted Study of Spoken Language Using a Large-scale Corpus of Everyday Japanese Conversation KOISO Hanae April 2016 -
Multiple Approaches to Analyzing the Communication of Japanese Language Learners ISHIGURO Kei April 2016 -
Generative Perspectives on the Syntax and Acquisition of Japanese MURASUGI Keiko October 2016 -
Stylistic Variation in Minutes of the Assemblies NIKAIDO Hitoshi October 2016 -
Research on Education in Classical Literature Using the Corpus of Historical Japanese KAWAUCHI Akihiro October 2016 -
Investigation and Typification of Emergent Participation Framework in Conversation ENDO Tomoko October 2016 -
Learning in Context: Developing Situation-Based Writing Materials KOBAYASHI Mina October 2016 -
Cognitive Neuroscience of Linguistic Variation in Pragmatic Inference SAKAI Hiromu October 2016 -
Development of All-Words WSD Systems and Construction of a Correspondence Table between WLSP (Word List by Semantic Principles) and IJD (Iwanami Japanese Dictionary) by These Systems SHINNOU Hiroyuki October 2016 - March 2018
Comprehension of Indirect Utterances in Japanese conversation: Comparison among Japanese Children, Foreign Learners of Japanese and Artificial Intelligence MATSUI Tomoko October 2016 -

Multidisciplinary Collaborative Projects

Project Title Project Leader Project Period
Reformation of Local Community through Recordings and Researches of Dialects KIBE Nobuko April 2016 -
Refining the Corpus of Historical Japanese with Information on Notation and Bibliographical Form TAKADA Tomokazu April 2016 -

Network-based Projects

Project Title Project Leader Project Period
A Survey, Study, and Use of the Japan-related Documents and Artifacts in North America: Socio-historical Approaches to ‘Modern Overseas Material Informatics’ ASAHI Yoshiyuki April 2016 -