Institute-based Projects

Diverse Language Resources and the Consolidation of Japanese Language Studies

The project “Diverse Language Resources and the Consolidation of Japanese Language Studies” includes the collaborative research projects hosted by NINJAL. NINJAL is conducting this project to consolidate Japanese language studies beyond the barrier between ramified research areas and to increase the presence of the Japanese language and its studies in the world.


This project aims to promote the globalization of Japanese language studies, by creative reconstruction of diverse language resources available electronically from massive language materials, and providing it to universities and communities of scholars in Japan and worldwide. Simultaneously, this project also includes the utilization of a new model of comprehensive Japanese language studies, through integrated research based on diverse language resources beyond the framework of established research areas.

NINJAL disseminates the research results of this project throughout Japan and worldwide, in the form of (international) publications, corpora, databases, events, and so on. Through this project, NINJAL also aims to support universities in terms of Japanese linguistic education by offering an educational program that is the product of a new model of comprehensive Japanese language studies, and to sophisticate the basis of joint usage by the development of a new online system that enables collective search of multiple language resources. In addition, this project includes research on endangered languages/dialects that intends to contribute to the activation of local communities.


This project comprises six collaborative research projects. The core research of NINJAL is promoted by close cooperation between each project.

This project is one of the institute-based projects of the National Institutes for the Humanities (NIHU), consisting of six research institutes including NINJAL. In addition, this project aims to pioneer a new research field, in collaboration with the multidisciplinary collaborative projects and network-based projects hosted by NIHU.