Workshop on modality and related matters

対照言語学の観点から見た日本語の音声と文法 (文法研究班 「名詞修飾表現」)
窪田 悠介 (国立国語研究所 理論・対照研究領域 准教授)
国立国語研究所 2F 多目的室 (東京都立川市緑町10-2)


10:20~10:30 Opening

10:30~11:10 "Syntax and semantics of finite control: focusing on the predicates involving tumori" AKUZAWA Koyo

11:10~11:50 "Bayesian Dyanmic Pragmatics: Pragmatics and semantics of Japanese politeness encodings" YAMADA Akitaka

11:50~12:30 "Do must and ni chigainai mean the same thing?" Joseph TABOLT

12:30~13:30 Lunch

13:30~14:10 "On the interaction between the embedded tense and the matrix existential" HIRAYAMA Yuto

14:10~14:50 "Some Notes on Comparison Classes in Japanese" MIZUTANI Kenta

14:50~15:10 Break

15:10~15:50 "Hurford Conditionals in Japanese" IHARA Shun, MIZUTANI Kenta

16:00~16:20 Lightning talks for posters

16:20~17:20 Poster Session

  • "The distribution and meaning of the Japanese evaluative particle nanka"
    IDO Misato
  • "The external specification of an argument by two-character Sino-Japanese verbs"
    HASEGAWA Takuya
  • "What can be expressed by verbal compounds: Semantics and word formation of dvandva compound words in Japanese"
    Hui LI
  • "Locative Alternation in Mandarin Chinese: A New Verb Type and A Comparison with Resultative Construction"
    CAO Rui
  • "How to depict things with words: The interface of meaning and perception"
    MITA Hiromasa
  • "Towards a Contrastive Study of Inchoative/Causative Alternation in English and Japanese"
    MAEDA Kotaro

17:20~17:30 Closing