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太字 : 発行時の在籍者

Tonal Change and Neutralization


窪薗 晴夫,儀利古 幹雄 (編)

De Gruyter Mouton (詳細ページ),2018年3月,ISBN 9783110567502

No book has ever been published on tonal change and neutralization, two closely related topics in tonal phonology. This will be the first book to be devoted to both.
The articles collected in this volume analyze a wide range of data concerning tonal change and neutralization, including post-lexical neutralization which represents a new topic in prosodic research. The volume as a whole covers a wide range of tone and pitch-accent languages in Asia, Africa and Europe, with a main focus on Asian languages/dialects many of which are endangered now. In addition to presenting novel data and analyses about individual languages, it provides typological perspectives on tonal change and neutralization.

Handbooks of Japanese Language and Linguistics 6
Handbook of Japanese Contrastive Linguistics


プラシャント・パルデシ,影山 太郎 (編)

De Gruyter Mouton (詳細ページ),2018年2月,ISBN 9781614514077

The Handbook of Japanese Contrastive Linguistics is a unique publication that brings together insights from three traditions—Japanese linguistics, linguistic typology and contrastive linguistics—and makes important contributions to deepening our understanding of various phenomena in Japanese as well other languages of the globe. Its primary goal is to uncover principled similarities and differences between Japanese and other languages of the globe and thereby shed new light on the universal as well as language-particular properties of Japanese. The issues addressed by the papers in this volume cover a wide spectrum of phenomena ranging from lexical to syntactic and discourse levels. The authors of the chapters, leading scholars in their respective field of research, present the state-of-the-art research from their respected field.

日本語語彙的複合動詞の意味と体系 ―コンストラクション形態論とフレーム意味論―


陳 奕廷,松本 曜 (著)

ひつじ書房 (詳細ページ),2018年2月,ISBN 9784894769076


通じない日本語 世代差・地域差からみる言葉の不思議


窪薗 晴夫 (著)

平凡社 (詳細ページ),2017年12月15日,ISBN 9784582858617


講座 日本語コーパス 8 コーパスと自然言語処理


前川 喜久雄 (監修)
松本 裕治,奥村 学 (編)
浅原 正幸,他 (著)

朝倉書店 (詳細ページ),2017年12月10日,ISBN 9784254516081




石黒 圭 (著)

NHK出版 (詳細ページ),2017年12月10日,ISBN 9784140885383


Japanese/Korean Linguistics, Vol. 24


船越 健志,川原 繁人,Christopher D. Tancredi (編)

CSLI Publications (詳細ページ),2017年12月1日,ISBN 9781684000241

Japanese and Korean are typologically similar, with linguistic phenomena in one often having counterparts in the other. The Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference provides a forum for research, particularly through comparative study, of both languages. The papers in this volume are from the twenty-fourth conference, which was held at the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics. They include essays on the phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, historical linguistics, discourse analysis, prosody, and psycholinguistics of both languages. Such comparative studies deepen our understanding of both languages and will be a useful reference for students and scholars in either field.

連濁の研究 ―国立国語研究所プロジェクト論文選集―


ティモシー・バンス,他 (編)

開拓社 (詳細ページ),2017年11月25日,ISBN 9784758922524


形容詞を使わない 大人の文章表現力


石黒 圭 (著)

日本実業出版社 (詳細ページ),2017年11月20日,ISBN 9784534055415


Handbooks of Japanese Language and Linguistics 4
Handbook of Japanese Syntax


柴谷 方良,宮川 繁,野田 尚史 (編)

De Gruyter Mouton (詳細ページ),2017年10月,ISBN 9781614516613

Studies of Japanese syntax have played a central role in the long history of Japanese linguistics spanning more than 250 years in Japan and abroad. More recently, Japanese has been among the languages most intensely studied within modern linguistic theories such as Generative Grammar and Cognitive/Functional Linguistics over the past fifty years. This volume presents a comprehensive survey of Japanese syntax from these three research strands, namely studies based on the traditional research methods developed in Japan, those from broader functional perspectives, and those couched in the generative linguistics framework.

ことばの科学 : 東京言語研究所開設50周年記念セミナー


西山 佑司,杉岡 洋子 (編)
影山 太郎窪薗 晴夫,他 (分担執筆)

開拓社 (詳細ページ),2017年9月23日,ISBN 9784758922487

服部四郎博士の構想により1966年に開設された東京言語研究所 (通称 TEC) の50周年記念セミナーをもとに編纂。第I部では,日本語という言語の特性を他言語との比較を交えて解き明かし,第II部では,言語学の各領域 (音韻論,日本語学,社会言語学,生成文法,認知言語学) について,研究の現状と展望を具体的に論じる。東京言語研究所の理念を次世代に継承し,ことばの科学が切り開く豊かで刺激的な世界へ読者を誘う。



田尻 英三 (編)
野田 尚史,他 (分担執筆)

ひつじ書房 (詳細ページ),2017年8月4日,ISBN 9784894768871


オノマトペの謎 ―ピカチュウからモフモフまで―


窪薗 晴夫 (編)

岩波書店 (詳細ページ),2017年5月18日,ISBN 9784000296618



空間と時間の中の方言 ―ことばの変化は方言地図にどう現れるか―


大西 拓一郎 (編)

朝倉書店 (詳細ページ),2017年5月15日,ISBN 9784254510522




野田 尚史,野田 春美 (著)

大修館書店 (詳細ページ),2017年4月30日,ISBN 9784469213621


The Phonetics and Phonology of Geminate Consonants


窪薗 晴夫 (編)

Oxford University Press (詳細ページ),2017年4月27日,ISBN 9780198754930

This book is the first volume specifically devoted to the phonetics and phonology of geminate consonants, a feature of many of the world's languages including Arabic, Bengali, Finnish, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Malayalam, Persian, Saami, Swiss German, and Turkish. While the contrast between geminate and singleton consonants has been widely studied, the phonetic manifestation and phonological nature of geminate consonants, as well as their cross-linguistic similarities and differences, are not fully understood.