Online Dictionaries

Online dictionaries for the use of researchers and Japanese language learners

  • Handbook of Basic Japanese Verbs

    This is an online handbook for teachers (native as well as non-native) and learners of the Japanese language, designed for deepening systematic understanding of polysemous basic Japanese verbs.

  • Compound Verb Lexicon

    Comprising over 2,700 verb-verb compound verbs of contemporary Japanese, this online dictionary provides useful information on their linguistic features for both researchers and learners of Japanese. In addition to Japanese representations, it offers English, Chinese, and Korean translations for the semantic definitions and example sentences. The original Excel data downloadable upon agreement.

  • Topical Dictionary of Conversational Ainu

    This online dictionary is based on the original Ainugo Kaiwa Jiten. It contains 3467 headwords which can be searched for by ‘Topic’ or ‘Full-text’ methods. In addition to the original notations, various information, including the colloquial translations, audio (3467 items), videos (131 iems), and photos (86 items) are provided.

  • Teramura Database

    This database was compiled by the late Hideo Teramura, who laid the foundation for research on Japanese language education. He collected and classified errors in compositions written in Japanese language by foreign students from many different countries.

  • Databases of Japanese Examples Extracted from Web Corpora (Japanese compound verbs, Sahen verbs, adjectives)

    These databases provide examples of Japanese compound verbs, adjectives, and nominal verbs. Examples in the databases are extracted from special purpose Web corpora for each entry word that were constructed to collect adequate examples for every entry word, preventing bias of collected examples.

  • Japanese Word History and Frequency

    This tool allows users to search for statistical information from the corpus, old dictionaries, language maps, language articles, and other materials related to the history of the Japanese language at one time.