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Privacy policy

Basic policy
With respect to the website of the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics (hereafter, the NINJAL Website), there are instances where personal information is collected to the extent that it is necessary in the process of applying for materials or events, or for answering inquiries. This data is handled appropriately in conformance with the provisions of the National Institutes for the Humanities.
Range of application of the policy
Our policy with regard to the protection of personal information applies to the NINJAL Website. Regarding entities other than NINJAL accessed through links provided on the NINJAL Website, NINJAL can assume no liability concerning the handling of personal information.
Purpose of use
Personal information collected through the NINJAL Website is used, depending on the administrative task at issue, for the following purposes:
  • making a reply (for people making a request or inquiry);
  • distributing our e-mail newsletter (for people subscribing to the NINJAL E-mail Magazine);
  • (for people applying to participate in events) administrating events conducted by NINJAL (registering participants, sending out announcements and venue information);
  • (for people applying to use materials or databases) registration and confirmation of identity for permission to use materials, databases, etc. held by NINJAL
In addition, there are instances where collected information is used for statistics or analysis.
Restrictions on using information or providing information to third parties
Except in those instances prescribed by law, personal information collected through the NINJAL Website will neither be used for purposes other than those already made explicit, nor be provided to third parties, without the consent of the person in question.
Security measures
In conformance with the Regulations on the Protection of Personal Information Held by the National Institutes for the Humanities, NINJAL establishes an Administrator for the Protection of Personal Information, and an Official In Charge of the Protection of Personal Information, and puts in place necessary measures for the prevention of leakage, loss, or destruction of collected information, and for the appropriate management of collected information.
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