Collaborative Research Projects (FY2022)

Core Research Projects
Project Title Project Leader Project Period
Co-creation of Research Infrastructure Through the Integration of Diverse Lexical Resources OGISO Toshinobu April 2022 -
(A Survey on the Use of Online Dictionary Resources by Japanese Language Learners) ISHIGURO Kei April 2022 -
(Spatial Imformation Addition to Language Resource) ONISHI Takuichiro April 2022 -
(Building Lexical Resources for Learner Dictionaries) KASHINO Wakako April 2022 -
(Extended Development of the Databese on Japanese Word History and Frequency) TAKADA Tomokazu April 2022 -
(Development of a Japanese Function Expression Wordbank for Japanese Language Learners) Prashant PARDESHI April 2022 -
Evidence-based Theoretical and Typological Linguistics ASAHARA Masayuki April 2022 -
(Evidence-based Computational Psycholinguistics Using Annotation Data) ASAHARA Masayuki April 2022 -
(Evidence-baced Study on the Intonational Diversity of Japanese and Ryukyuan) IGARASHI Yosuke April 2022 -
(Toward a Computationally-Informed Theoretical Linguistics: An Empirical Approach) KUBOTA Yusuke April 2022 -
(Empirical Study of the Typology of Nominalization—from Theoretical, Fieldwork, Historical and Dialectal Perspective) Prashant PARDESHI April 2022 -
(Data-oriented Typological Study of the Semantics and Grammar of Predicates) MATSUMOTO Yo April 2022 -
Research on the Conservation of Endangered Languages YAMADA Masahiro April 2022 -
A Multifaceted Study of Language Problems in Multilingual and Multicultural Japan ASAHI Yoshiyuki April 2022 -
A Comprehensive Study of Spoken Language Using a Multi-generational Corpus of Japanese Conversation KOISO Hanae April 2022 -
Applied Research on Japanese Language Use by Non-native Speakers Based on Diverse Language Resources ISHIGURO Kei April 2022 -
(A Longitudinal Corpus Study of Written Japanese by L2 Learners) ISHIGURO Kei April 2022 -
(A Longitudinal Corpus Study of Spoken Japanese by L2 Learners) ISHIGURO Kei April 2022 -
(A Study on Learning Support for Written Japanese) YAMAGUCHI Masaya April 2022 -
(A Longitudinal Study of Spoken Japanese by Long-term Resident L2 Learners) NOYAMA Hiroshi April 2022 -
(Research on the Literacy of Immigrants in Japan) FUKUNAGA Yuka April 2022 -
Extending the Diachronic Corpus through an Open Co-construction Environment OGISO Toshinobu April 2022 -
Joint Usage Projects (A)
Project Title Project Leader Project Period
History of research at the National Language Institute: Based on an analysis of research notes from the 1940s to the 1950s SAITO Tatsuya April 2021 -
Research on the change of proper usage of dialect sounds and standard language sounds according to speaking situations OZAKI Yoshimitsu April 2021 -
Building word sense embeddings by using distributed representations and contextual embeddings SHINNOU Hiroyuki April 2021 -
An Availability Evaluation of a Structured Data for the Kunten Material TAJIMA Koji April 2021 -
A Study on the Use of Historical Documents of Social Surveys on Language MAEDA Tadahiko April 2021 -
Integrating Apparent-time and Real-time Evidence in the LVC Study KUYA Aimi April 2022 -
Observation of Articulatory Movements and Acoustic Charactaristics in Changing Speech Rate TAKEMOTO Hironori April 2022 -
The Reutilization of Hokkaido Real-time Survey Data for Accounting for Lifespan TAKANO Shoji April 2022 -
Joint Usage Projects (B)
Project Title Project Leader Project Period
Effects of Multiple Acoustic Cues to Japanese Voicing Contrast LEE Seunghun September 2021 -
Organizing and digitizing “Bound form (‘zyosi’ and ‘zyodosi’) in modern Japanese: Uses and examples” KOMATSUBARA Tetsuta October 2021 -
Development and Research of UniDic Dictionary for Waka Poems and Imayo Songs AIDA Aiko November 2021 -
Creation and Publication of "Data for Word Stylistic Degree" BABA Toshiomi November 2021 -
The process of contextualizing European language-based pre-Modern Japanese expressions in Modern Japanese: With special attention to a Japanese visual perception verb "/miru/" with the inanimate subject SUGIYAMA Koyomi February 2022 -
Clarifying the Reading Process of the National Examination for Care Workers by EPA Candidates: Why Do They Read Incorrectly? KAMIMURA Hatsumi April 2022 -
Literature Research on Development of Verb Formation KURODA Susumu April 2022 -
Electromagnetic articulography based acoustic-to-articulatory inversion research Tianfang YAN May 2022 -
Joint Usage Projects (C)
Project Title Project Leader Project Period
Describing Japanese from an indexicality-based perspective NOMURA Kazuyuki January 2022 -
A Basic Study for Clarifying Online Information Processing by Native Speakers of Japanese Focusing on Syntactic Dependencies IORI Isao January 2022 -
A Basic Study for Creating a Dictionary for Learners of Japanese Mainly Composed of Information of Syntactic Information and Noun Collocation Using BCCWJ IORI Isao January 2022 -
Annotation of Physiological Indices on the Balanced Corpus of Contemporary Written Japanese and the Corpus of Spontaneous Japanese KOIZUMI Masatoshi April 2022 -
Lexical Function based Japanese-English Translation of Collocations NISHIO Kosuke May 2022 -
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