Collaborative Research Projects (FY2022-)

Institutional Core Research Project: Empirical and Applied Research on the Japanese Language Based on Open Language Resources

Core Research Projects
Transdisciplinary Projects
Joint Resource-use Projects (A)
Project Title Project Leader Project Period
History of Research at the National Language Institute: Based on an Analysis of Research Notes from the 1940s to the 1950s SAITO Tatsuya April 2021 - March 2023
Research on the Change of Proper Usage of Dialect Sounds and Standard Language Sounds According to Speaking Situations OZAKI Yoshimitsu April 2021 - March 2023
Building Word Sense Embeddings by Using Distributed Representations and Contextual Embeddings SHINNOU Hiroyuki April 2021 - March 2023
An Availability Evaluation of a Structured Data for the Kunten Material TAJIMA Koji April 2021 - March 2023
A Study on the Use of Historical Documents of Social Surveys on Language MAEDA Tadahiko April 2021 - March 2023
Integrating Apparent-time and Real-time Evidence in the LVC Study KUYA Aimi April 2022 - March 2024
Observation of Articulatory Movements and Acoustic Charactaristics in Changing Speech Rate TAKEMOTO Hironori April 2022 - March 2023
The Reutilization of Hokkaido Real-time Survey Data for Accounting for Lifespan TAKANO Shoji April 2022 - March 2024
A Study on Development of Katakana Glyph Database in Kunten Materials TAJIMA Koji April 2023 -
Transcription and Analysis of an Utterance Reply Data Collected by the Survey on Selection of Dialect Sound and Standard Language Sound OZAKI Yoshimitsu April 2023 - March 2024
Systematic Organization and Contemporary Reinterpretation of Data on Japanese Linguistic Surveys HISANO Masaki April 2023 -
Various Aspects of Variants in Kanji, Hanzi, and Hanja YASUOKA Koichi April 2023 -
Significance and Utilization of “Linguistic Atlas of Japan” Card Image Materials HANZAWA Yasushi April 2023 -
Development of Japanese Language Policy as Read from Notes by HAYASHI Ooki SAITO Tatsuya April 2023 -
Studies on Changes of the Sound and Accent in Sapporo OZAKI Yoshimitsu April 2024 -
Exploration and Implementation of Techniques for Digitizing Wokototen-zu in Ancient Manuscript Collections TSUTSUMI Tomoaki April 2024 -
Joint Resource-use Projects (B)
Project Title Project Leader Project Period
Effects of Multiple Acoustic Cues to Japanese Voicing Contrast LEE Seunghun September 2021 - August 2022
Development and Research of UniDic Dictionary for Waka Poems and Imayo Songs AIDA Aiko November 2021 - October 2022
The Process of Contextualizing European Language-based Pre-Modern Japanese Expressions in Modern Japanese: With Special Attention to a Japanese Visual Perception Verb "/miru/" with the Inanimate Subject SUGIYAMA Koyomi February 2022 - January 2023
Clarifying the Reading Process of the National Examination for Care Workers by EPA Candidates: Why Do They Read Incorrectly? KAMIMURA Hatsumi April 2022 - March 2023
Literature Research on Development of Verb Formation KURODA Susumu April 2022 - March 2023
Electromagnetic Articulography Based Acoustic-to-Articulatory Inversion Research Tianfang YAN May 2022 - March 2023
The Trial Production of Effective Teaching Materials for Japanese Language Learners in Primary Schools: Comparison of Paper-Printed Materials and Tablet Devices ICHIKAWA Akiko November 2022 - October 2023
Effects of Acoustic Cues on Voicing Contrast in Tohoku and Tokyo Japanese SUZUKI Michinori January 2023 - December 2023
Elucidation of the Relationship Between Singer’s Formant and Oral Shape Using Wave TAKAHASHI Jun April 2023 - March 2024
Real-Time MRI Measurement of the Articulatory Movements of the G|ui Language NAKAGAWA Hiroshi April 2023 - March 2024
Investigation of the articulation of Hebrew and Russian word-initial consonant clusters YOKOE Yuriko June 2023 - March 2024
A diachronic study of sentence-initial connectives in Japanese TADA Tomoko June 2023 -
Geoparsing for Historical Japanese Text OUCHI Hiroki October 2023 -
Effects of Acoustic Cues on Voicing Contrast in Tohoku and Tokyo Japanese SUZUKI Michinori January 2024 -
Prototype of Effective Teaching Materials for Foreign Students Learning Japanese: Comparison of Paper-Based Teaching Materials, Tablet Devices, and Translation Materials ICHIKAWA Akiko February 2024 -
Construction of the Corpus of "King," a Popular Magazine of the Showa Period TAKAHASHI Yuta February 2024 - March 2024
Construction of Owari Share-bon Corpus MIYAUCHI Sayaka April 2024 -
Joint Resource-use Projects (C)
Project Title Project Leader Project Period
Describing Japanese from an Indexicality-based Perspective NOMURA Kazuyuki January 2022 -
A Basic Study for Clarifying Online Information Processing by Native Speakers of Japanese Focusing on Syntactic Dependencies IORI Isao January 2022 -
A Basic Study for Creating a Dictionary for Learners of Japanese Mainly Composed of Information of Syntactic Information and Noun Collocation Using BCCWJ IORI Isao January 2022 -
Annotation of Physiological Indices on the Balanced Corpus of Contemporary Written Japanese and the Corpus of Spontaneous Japanese KOIZUMI Masatoshi April 2022 -
Lexical Function Based Japanese-English Translation of Collocations NISHIO Kosuke May 2022 - May 2023
Quantitative Studies of Japanese Text with Statistical Analysis TAKUBO Yosuke July 2022 -
Corpus Research on Clausal Center-Embedding Emily DAVIS October 2022 -
Longitudinal Study of Japanese “Writing” and “Speaking” Abilities of Vietnamese Caregivers Working In Japanese Nursing Care Sites FURUTA Tomoko October 2022 -
Annotation of the Corpus of Everyday Japanese Conversion With Pronoun Substitutes and Address Terms NOMOTO Hiroki March 2023 - March 2024
Development of Japanese Authorship Attribution System for Digital Forensics ZAITSU Wataru September 2023 -

NIHU Multidisciplinary Collaborative Projects

NIHU Knowledge Co-creation Projects

Project Title Project Leader Project Period
Establishing Science for Universal Communication KOISO Hanae April 2022 -
Digital Library for Humanities TAKADA Tomokazu April 2022 -
Japan-related Documents and Artifacts in Hawaiʻi: Historical and Social Survey Interface ASAHI Yoshiyuki April 2022 -
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