Research Library

The Research Library at the Inter-University Research Institute Corporation, National Institutes for the Humanities, "National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics," collects and stores mainly research materials and linguistic resources concerning Japanese language studies and the Japanese language, as well as related fields such as Japanese language education, linguistics, etc.

This is the only library specialized in the Japanese language and linguistics in Japan.

  • Open Monday through Friday
    Hours: 9:30 to 17:00
  • Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, the New Year holidays (December 28 - January 4), and the last Friday of each month

Information for Visitors - Visiting the Library

How to Use the Library

When planning to use the Research Library, please inform us beforehand of the date and the time of your visit and the titles of the materials you want to use.

If you would like to use rare materials, audio-visual materials, or special materials, be sure to contact us beforehand because there are restrictions on use and on photocopying.

Library materials are not lent out.

Books and the journals may be read and photocopied.

Information Counter

When using the Research Library for the first time, please fill out an "Application for Use."

Please wear the name tag holder you are given at the information counter.


You may read any materials in the reading room.

To use materials in the closed stacks, please fill out an "Application for Using/Copying Materials," and submit it to the information counter. The staff will bring the materials to you.

To use audio-visual materials and microfilms, please fill out an "Application for Using/Copying Materials," and submit it to the information counter. The staff will prepare the equipment.

When you finish using the materials, return them to the information counter. Please do not return them to the shelves.


Library materials may be photocopied within the limits of copyright law.

If you would like to copy materials, please fill out an "Application for Using/Copying Materials," and submit it to the information counter.

A self-service coin-operated copying machine is available.

The available paper sizes are B5, A4, B4, and A3 (one side only). The cost is 10 yen per copy for all sizes.

Please be sure to bring enough coins (10 yen, 50 yen, 100 yen, or 500 yen).
We do not make change and do not issue receipts.


Please leave your belongings in a locker, except for writing utensils, notebooks, and valuables.
A 100-yen coin is needed to use a locker. The coin will be returned after use.
Please do not bring mobile phones into the reading room.
Eating and drinking are not allowed in the reading room. Please use the lounge space on the first floor.
If you wish to use a laptop computer in the reading room, please notify a staff member at the information counter.
If you lose, stain, or damage any library materials intentionally or negligently, you will be required to pay the cost of replacing them.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the staff.

Holdings Number of Items

  • Books: 151,102
    (in Japanese 120,449, in foreign languages 30,653)
  • Journals: 5,844
    (in Japanese 5,316, in foreign languages 528)

Special Collections

Tojo bunko (dialects), Ota bunko (dialects), Hoshina bunko (language issues), Kenbo bunko (dictionaries), Kanamozikai bunko (characters/notation), Fujimura bunko (phonology), Hayashi bunko (Japanese Linguistics), Koshimizu bunko (pedagogical studies of the Japanese Language), Nakamura bunko (Japanese Linguistics), etc.

Document Copying Service

We are members of the inter-library document copying service (NACSIS-ILL) of the National Institute of Informatics.

* If you are affiliated with a university, you may request a copy through your university library and receive the copy by mail. The procedure is different at each university. For details, contact the library at your university.