The Mouton-NINJAL Library of Linguistics


The Mouton-NINJAL Library of Linguistics (MNLL) series is a new collaboration between De Gruyter Mouton and the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics (NINJAL), following the successful twelve-volume series Mouton Handbooks of Japanese Language and Linguistics. This new series publishes research monographs as well as edited volumes from NINJAL’s collaborative research projects. This is the first series of scholarly monographs to publish in English on Japanese and Ryukyuan linguistics and their related fields. Each volume presents cutting-edge perspectives on topics of central interest in the field.

The authors and editors of the volumes in the series are not limited to the scholars who work full time at NINJAL but include their invited professors and other scholars involved in the collaborative research projects. Their common goal is to disseminate their research outputs widely to the scholars around the world.

Series Information (

Series Editors

TAKUBO Yukinori and KUBOZONO Haruo


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