Center for Research Resources


The Center for Research Resources is an integral part of NINJAL —an international hub of research on the Japanese language. The Center develops, collects, and provides a wide variety of linguistic resources to scholars in Japan and abroad in order to promote research on Japanese.

The main missions of the Center include the following:

  • Collecting and preserving research materials from collaborative research projects hosted by NINJAL
  • Providing various databases related to Japanese linguistics, general linguistics, and Japanese language education.
  • Maintaining the academic repository of NINJAL.
  • Publishing the NINJAL Research Papers.

By collaborating with the research projects hosted by NINJAL and the Center for Corpus Development, the Center for Research Resources offers research resources and information through the NINJAL website.

The Center for Research Resources adopted the basic policy in order to promote the utilization of the Center’s databases.
研究情報発信センターが管理・配布するデータセットに対するライセンス付与の基本方針 [ PDF | 85KB ]

The databases provided by the Center for Research Resources

Researchers List

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Research and Education Staff

Temporary Researcher

  • EGAWA Kazuko
    Adjunct Researcher
  • IMAMURA Shiki
    Adjunct Researcher
  • NAKAJIMA Ayaka
    Adjunct Researcher
    Adjunct Researcher
  • TERASHIMA Hirotaka
    Adjunct Researcher
    Adjunct Researcher
  • YARIMIZU Kanetaka
    Adjunct Researcher