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The following publications were written and/or edited by staff members of the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics.

Bold: Enrolled person at the time of the publication.

連濁の研究 ―国立国語研究所プロジェクト論文選集―

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Timothy J. VANCE, et al.

Kaitakusha Publishing (details), November 2017,
ISBN: 9784758922524

ことばの科学 : 東京言語研究所開設50周年記念セミナー

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KAGEYAMA Taro, KUBOZONO Haruo, et al.

Kaitakusha Publishing (details), September 2017,
ISBN: 9784758922487


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TAJIRI Eizo (Ed.)
NODA Hisashi, et al.

Hituzi Syobo (details), August 2017,
ISBN: 9784894768871

オノマトペの謎 ―ピカチュウからモフモフまで―

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KUBOZONO Haruo (Ed.)

Iwanami Shoten (details), May 2017,
ISBN: 9784000296618

空間と時間の中の方言 ―ことばの変化は方言地図にどう現れるか―

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ONISHI Takuichiro (Ed.)

Asakura Publishing (details), May 2017,
ISBN: 9784254510522


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NODA Hisashi,NODA Harumi

TAISHUKAN Publishing (details), April 2017,
ISBN: 9784469213621

The Phonetics and Phonology of Geminate Consonants

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KUBOZONO Haruo (Ed.)

Oxford Studies in Phonology and Phonetics (details), April 2017,
ISBN: 9780198754930

This book is the first volume specifically devoted to the phonetics and phonology of geminate consonants, a feature of many of the world's languages including Arabic, Bengali, Finnish, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Malayalam, Persian, Saami, Swiss German, and Turkish. While the contrast between geminate and singleton consonants has been widely studied, the phonetic manifestation and phonological nature of geminate consonants, as well as their cross-linguistic similarities and differences, are not fully understood.