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The following publications were written and/or edited by staff members of the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics.

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Kurosio Publishers (details), March 2021,
ISBN: 9784874248546

Verb-Verb Complexes in Asian Languages

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KAGEYAMA Taro, Peter E. Hook, Prashant PARDESHI (Eds.)

Oxford University Press (details), February 2021,
ISBN: 9780198759508

This volume is the first to present a detailed survey of the systems of verb-verb complexes in Asian languages from both a synchronic and diachronic perspective. Many Asian languages share, to a greater or lesser extent, a unique class of compound verbs consisting of a main verb and a quasi-auxiliary verb known as a 'vector' or 'explicator'. These quasi-auxiliary verbs exhibit unique grammatical behaviour that suggests that they have an intermediate status between full lexical verbs and wholly reduced auxiliaries. They are also semantically unique, in that when they are combined with main verbs, they can convey a rich variety of functional meanings beyond the traditional notions of tense, aspect, and modality, such as manner and intensity of action, benefaction for speaker or hearer, and polite or derogatory styles in speech. In this book, leading specialists in a range of Asian languages offer an in-depth analysis of the long-standing questions relating to the diachrony and geographical distribution of verb-verb complexes. The findings have implications for the general understanding of the grammaticalization of verb categories, complex predicate formation, aktionsart and event semantics, the morphology-syntax-semantics interface, areal linguistics, and typology.


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KUBOZONO Haruo, NODA Hisashi, Prashant PARDESHI, MATSUMOTO Yo (Eds.)
KUBOZONO Haruo, IGARASHI Yosuke, NODA Hisashi, IDO Misato, Prashant PARDESHI, MATSUMOTO Yo, KUBOTA Yusuke, et al.

Kaitakusha (details), February 2021,
ISBN: 9784758922982

Information structure in spoken Japanese: Particles, word order, and intonation

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Language Science Press (details), December 2020,
ISBN: 9783961101399

This study explores information structure (IS) within the framework of corpus linguistics and functional linguistics. As a case study, it investigates IS phenomena in spoken Japanese: particles including so-called topic particles, case particles, and zero particles; word order; and intonation. The study discusses how these phenomena are related to cognitive and communicative mechanisms of humans.

顕在化する多言語社会日本 多言語状況の的確な把握と理解のために

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Sangensha Publishers (details), December 2020,
ISBN: 9784883035212

成人教育 (adult education) としての日本語教育 : 在日パキスタン人コミュニティの言語使用・言語学習のリアリティから考える

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Coco Shuppan (details), October 2020,
ISBN: 9784866760247

Broader Perspectives on Motion Event Descriptions

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John Benjamins Publishing Company (details), August 2020,
ISBN: 9789027205667

Human languages exhibit fascinating commonalities and variations in the ways they describe motion events. In this volume, the contributors present their research results concerning motion event descriptions in the languages that they investigate. The volume features new proposals based on a broad range of data involving different kinds of motion events previously understudied, such as caused motion (e.g., kick a ball across) and even visual motion (e.g., look into a hole). Special attention is also paid to deixis, a hitherto neglected aspect of motion event descriptions. A wide range of languages is examined, including those spoken in Europe, Africa, and Asia. The results provide new insights into the patterns languages deploy to represent motion events. This volume will appeal to anyone interested in language universals and typology, as well as the relationship between language and thought.


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Shogakukan (details), July 2020,
ISBN: 9784098253784

コーパスで学ぶ日本語学 日本語の語彙・表記

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OGURA Hideki (Ed.)

Asakura Publishing (details), May 2020,
ISBN: 9784254516524