Refining the Corpus of Historical Japanese with Information on Notation and Bibliographical Form

Abbreviated Name
Refining the Historical Corpus
Project Leader
TAKADA Tomokazu (Professor, Language Change Division, NINJAL)
Project Period
April 2016 - March 2022
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From the books that have been transmitted from ancient times (historical classical books), various information can be acquired not only from their content but also through bibliopegy, paper quality, ink, and the binding threads. The aim of this project is to build a research field called “Holistic Japanese Philology” focusing on historical classical books from the perspective of interdisciplinary research.

In NINJAL, we are conducting research to clarify the correlation between the language units (word, clause, phrase, sentence, etc.), the writing system (Kana, Kanji, punctuation marks, etc.), and the shape of books and plate (binding, paper, format, etc.). Furthermore, we aim to build a prototype of the corpus that precisely describes the layered structure of the language, writing system (characters), and books with notation and bibliographic information.

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