A Survey, Study, and Use of the Japan-related Documents and Artifacts in North America: Socio-historical Approaches to ‘Modern Overseas Material Informatics’

Abbreviated Name
Hokubei Nikkei Studies
Project Leader
ASAHI Yoshiyuki (Associate Professor, Language Variation Division, NINJAL)
Project Period
April 2016 - March 2022


The aim of this project is to conduct collaborative research on Japan-based documents and artifacts in Europe and North America, together with universities and institutes at home and abroad. Although these are academic documents and are of social importance, taking them up as subjects of material comprehensive study is insufficient.

In NINJAL, we have been conducting research on materials related to Japanese society, focusing on modern Japanese immigrants in North America. It aims to lead to new material informatics surrounding immigration and about audio and video materials related to Japanese ancestry that have been increasingly at risk of degradation and disposal, together with the data salvage and evaluation of materials.

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