Digital Library for Humanities

NINJAL, National Museum of Ethnology
Project Leader
TAKADA Tomokazu (Professor, NINJAL)
Project Period
April 2022 -


The photographic, video, and audio materials that have been taken or recorded in various regions of the world by researchers and research institutes are precious documents of the state of particular eras and regions as well as being historical heritage that reflects academic history. While a huge amount of photographic, video, and audio materials has been accumulated, such resources have been used only by those involved in the research, and methods for storing them after the research was complete were insufficient, rarely allowing them to be published for use by others.

In this project, the National Museum of Ethnology and National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics will partner with the National Institute of Informatics to advance the ways in which photographic, video, and audio materials accumulated in the research process are digitized and how databases are created, and promote the preservation and greater utilization of research resources. It also aims to return the results of the research to the sites where the photographic, video, and audio materials were taken or recorded and the target countries and regions in the study.

Project Members

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