Expansion of Vocabulary Resources Based on Old Dictionaries and Historical Transition of Vocabulary and Notation

Project Leader
TAKADA Tomokazu (Professor, NINJAL)
Project Period
April 2022 -


From the books that have been transmitted from ancient times (historical classical books), a variety of information can be acquired not only from their content but also through bibliopegy and the analysis of paper quality, ink, and the binding threads. This project focuses on such aspects of historical books as “books” and adds an interdisciplinary perspective to traditional bibliography, aiming for the evolutionary development of a field of study called “Comprehensive Bibliographical Studies.”

NINJAL collects vocabulary and notations mainly from historical kanji (Sino-Japanese characters) materials such as old dictionaries and vocabulary lists, kunten materials (Chinese texts with Japanese phonogram glosses), and kanji sound materials, and expands the vocabulary resources with the goal of complementing vocabulary research and corpus research. We also aim to further examine the relationship between the characters and language appearing in books and the books themselves and contribute to the development of the Comprehensive Bibliographical Studies field.

Project Members

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