Framework Establishment and Empirical Research for Comprehensive Archiving of Tourism Ephemera Materials in Japan

Project Leader
KATSUKI Ayumi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Project Period
October 2022 -


This study seeks to create a comprehensive archive of printed materials related to tourism, including brochures, flyers, and posters published in Japan (hereinafter referred to as the tourism ephemera materials).

The aim of this study is to examine the methodology for archiving and to evaluate the significance of this archive as a research resource.

The tourism ephemera materials, which distribute local tourism information, have important materiality as living Japanese language records to show the meaning and value of the cities in Japanese society. However, no proper archive has been found.

During the research period, a framework for collecting materials will be investigated and drawn, such as the collection methods and management of materials. Furthermore, collaborative relationships with material providers will be established.

Based on these processes, a database of tourism brochures will be created as a prototype of the archive. Furthermore, the effectiveness of the database will be examined by presenting examples of research using this database.

Project Members

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