Analyzing Large-Scale Dialectal Survey Data from Multiple Perspectives

Project Leader:KUMAGAI Yasuo
Associate Professor, Department of Language Change and Variation, NINJAL
Project Period:October 2009 - September 2012


Digitized data and databases provide a significant basis for many research fields. The Linguistic Atlas of Japan and the Database of Discourse in Japanese Dialects are two of the large-scale databases of Japanese dialects that NINJAL has built, but they have yet to be fully utilized by specialists of Japanese dialectology. To bring out their full potential, this project organizes researchers from a variety of fields such as quantitative dialectology, historical dialectology, linguistic geography and dialect discourse study, with the aim of providing new insights into dialectal variation, developing new methods of dialect study, and building up the requisite know-how for using large-scale dialect data. This project should also make contributions to training of young researchers in dialect studies by providing the know-how for efficient use of large-scale dialect data and by suggesting further research possibilities.

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