Interdisciplinary Study on Learning Japanese and the Reality of Language Life of Foreign Permanent Residents in Japan

Project Leader:NOYAMA Hiroshi
Associate Professor, Center for JSL Research and Information, NINJAL
Project Period:October 2009 - September 2012
Research field:Sociolinguistics
Keywords:Learning of language, Language life, Welfare linguistics


This project will conduct analyses of conversation data collected using oral proficiency interviews (OPIs) in longitudinal research on individuals observed at regular intervals. The viewpoint is that of formative evaluation, and the project will also collect, maintain, and analyze new data using the formative fieldwork method. In this way, the project aims to grasp more accurately the reality of language learning and language life for foreign permanent residents in increasingly multilingual and multicultural modern local communities, and to build the basis for a welfare linguistic research approach to respond to various problems faced by permanent residents who need to use Japanese.

This project will explore a new approach and framework for how to study the language learning and the language life of permanent residents in local communities.

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