Compilation of a Handbook of Usage of Japanese Basic Verbs for JFL Learners

Project Leader:Prashant PARDESHI
Professor, Department of Crosslinguistic Studies, NINJAL
Project Period:October 2009 - September 2012
Research field:Linguistics
Keywords:Japanese Linguistics, Japanese Language Pedagogy, Contrastive Linguistics, Cognitive Semantics, Lexical Semantics
Project website:


The aim of the project is to compile a handbook of usage of basic verbs in Japanese for JFL learners. Verbs as predicators are one of the crucial components which determine the skeleton of a sentence, which serves as a basic unit of communication. This project focuses on the basic verbs which are frequently used in day-to-day conversation, and aims to develop a new framework for the compilation of a handbook of usage of basic verbs in Japanese by integrating state-of-the-art insights from various related fields such as Theoretical Linguistics, Japanese Linguistics, Japanese Language Pedagogy, Linguistic Typology, Contrastive Linguistics, Cognitive Linguistics and Corpus Linguistics. The envisaged end product of the project is a set of small-scale bilingual handbooks (Japanese-Chinese, Japanese-English, Japanese-Korean and Japanese-Marathi).

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