Distribution of Vocabulary and Sentence Structures in Texts

Abbreviation:Vocabulary and Sentence Structure
Project Leader:YAMAZAKI Makoto
Associate Professor, Department of Corpus Studies, NINJAL
Project Period:October 2009 - September 2012
Research field:Japanese Linguistics
Keywords:Time-series distribution of vocabulary, Sentence structure, Cohesion


Traditionally, vocabulary is considered to be static in set-theoretic terms. However, because each of the individual words composing the vocabulary is used in its own context, it is possible to advance dynamic lexicology by targeting actual usage. In other words, lexicology can be based on the time-series distribution of vocabulary in texts.

As an example, the dynamic vocabulary formed during the text production process will be analyzed quantitatively from the viewpoint of sentence structure. Using the BCCWJ, the study will explore the relationships between the frequency of a word and the circumstances in which it appears, especially the relationship between sentence structure and the circumstances in which a word (independent word or function word) appears.

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