Structured Description of Kunten-Shiryo (Documents Written in Chinese with Marks for Rendering into Japanese)

Abbreviation:Structured Description of Kunten-Shiryo
Project Leader:TAKADA Tomokazu
Associate Professor, Department of Linguistic Theory and Structure, NINJAL
Project Period:October 2009 - September 2012
Research field:History of Japanese Language
Keywords:Kanbun-Kundoku, Kunten-Shiryo, Digital archive


Kunten-Shiryo (classical Chinese documents with marks added for rendering them into Japanese) has been utilized to grasp aspects of the history of Japanese, especially characters, pronunciation, vocabulary, and usage. However, the study of Kunten-Shiryo generally lags behind other fields as regards the use of digital technologies such as electronic interpretation texts and digital imaging of originals.

Focusing on Kongocho Issai nyorai Shinjitsu sho Dai jogensho Daikyo Okyo Vol. 1 (owned by NINJAL), this project aims to develop a method of structured description of interpretations, which are the results of readings based on the originals, and thereby to create a prototype of digital interpretations that can be shared among researchers and allow verification of the originals by using a display system that allows the user to compare interpretations with digital images of the originals.

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