The 124th NINJAL Colloquium
"Charting the English Influence on European Languages: Anglified Danish as a Case Study"

September 20, 2022 (15:30-17:30)
  • Multipurpose Room, NINJAL (10-2 Midori-cho, Tachikawa City, Tokyo) Access
  • Online (Zoom)
Henrik GOTTLIEB (University of Copenhagen)
A list of main publications
  • Henrik GOTTLIEB (2021) Anglicisms: Criteria, categories & corpora: Aims and means in the compilation of the Danish GLAD contribution. In: Ramón Martí Solano and Pablo Ruano San Segundo (Eds.) Anglicisms and Corpus Linguistics: Corpus-Aided Research into the Influence of English on European Languages, 71-95. Peter Lang.
  • Henrik GOTTLIEB (2020) Echoes of English: Anglicisms in Minor Speech Communities – with Special Focus on Danish and Afrikaans. Peter Lang.
  • Henrik GOTTLIEB (2020) Entlehnungen im Dänischen: Von den Germanismen zu den Anglizismen. In: Barbara Kaltz, Gerhard Meiser and Horst Haider Munske (Eds.) Englisch in europäischen Sprachen, 53-82. FAU University Press.
  • Henrik GOTTLIEB (2018) The politics of audiovisual translation. In: Fruela Fernández and Jonathan Evans (Eds.) The Routledge Handbook of Translation and Politics, 323-342. Routledge.

Especially since 1945, the vocabulary, phraseology and grammar of Danish – and other European languages (plus Japanese) – has been markedly impacted by English.

This presentation takes a critical, yet constructive look at a number of key concepts used in modern Anglicism research – a field experiencing growing attention in academia (Imamura 2018; Peterson & Beers-Fägersten 2018; GLAD 2022). My aim is to promote a scientific approach to the much-debated question of Anglo-American cultural and linguistic impact on languages outside the Anglosphere.

I will present a taxonomy of Anglicisms encompassing all types of impact from Anglophone sources in any type of speech community worldwide. The taxonomy is based on the following definition: “An Anglicism is any individual or systemic language feature adapted or adopted from English – or inspired or boosted by English models – used in intra-lingual communication in a speech community in which English is not the home language” (Gottlieb 2020: 32).

  • GLAD (2022), Publications. Global Anglicism Database Network:
  • Henrik GOTTLIEB (2020) Echoes of English: Anglicisms in Minor Speech Communities – with Special Focus on Danish and Afrikaans. Peter Lang.
  • IMAMURA Keisuke (2018) The lexical influence of English on Japanese language: Toward future comparative studies of anglicisms. Global studies (2): 101-116.
  • Elizabeth Peterson and Kristy Beers Fägersten (2018) Introduction to the special issue: Linguistic and pragmatic outcomes of contact with English. Journal of Pragmatics 133: 105-108.
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