Design of a Diachronic Corpus

Abbreviation : Diachronic Corpus
Project leader: TANAKA Makiro
Invited Professor, NINJAL / Professor, Meiji University
Project Period: October 2009 - March 2016
Research field: Japanese Linguistics
Keywords: Corpus, History of Japanese language, Classical language


As an initial step in the development of the Diachronic Corpus at NINJAL, this project carries out basic research on the design of a corpus of pre-modern Japanese. Based on representative texts from several periods ranging from ancient times to early modern times, an experimental model of the Diachronic Corpus will be created, with the main focus on the following three points which will lead to the actual construction of a partial corpus.

  • The grounds for selecting materials for the corpus.
  • How classical texts can be digitized, and what kinds of information (variant texts, text notations, variant characters, quotations, writing styles, etc.) should be added.
  • How the morpheme analysis corresponding to the vocabulary and grammar of each period and each writing style is conducted.

This project is being carried out in collaboration with the pre-modern Japanese corpus project at the University of Oxford under the direction of Prof. Bjarke Frellesvig.

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