Foundations of Corpus Japanese Linguistics

Project leader:MAEKAWA Kikuo
Professor, Department of Corpus Studies, NINJAL
Project Period:October 2009 - March 2016
Keywords:corpus, quantitative research, positivism
Project website:


Access to various Japanese corpora has become much easier recently. It is assumed, however, that most researchers on Japanese linguistics are not sufficiently experienced in corpus analysis. It is hard for them to enter the field of corpus Japanese linguistics, because no standard research methodology has so far been established. To establish a sound research methodology, we are conducting leading-edge research in two research groups: the speech and dialogue study group and the lexical, syntactic, stylistic and historical study group. While the research programs of the two groups are mutually independent, they annually host a joint research meeting that is open to all researchers in order to promote the corpus-based study of Japanese.

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