Reformation of Local Community through Recordings and Researches of Dialects

Abbreviated Name
Reconstruction of Local Communities
Project Leader
KIBE Nobuko (Project Professor, Language Variation Division, NINJAL)
Project Period
April 2016 - March 2022
Related Site
Change of Local Communities and Reconstruction of Community Cultures after Disasters in Japanese Archipelago


Each institute of NIHU, with collaborative universities and museums in the region, is promoting research for solving various problems caused by a situation wherein the diversity is lost due to the change of local cultures and disasters in the Japanese archipelago. Based on the collaboration by the various fields of language, material preservation, representation system, and environment preservation, we aim to build a new regional culture.

In NINJAL, we have been conducting research on the reconstruction of the local culture to consider dialects a main shaft and on the cultural significance of dialects by local cultures based on the documentation and conservation of dialects with local governments, universities, and researchers, in accordance with the current situation wherein valuable dialects are rapidly falling into a decline.

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